1. Bill1975's Avatar
    Hi everyone - I have an iPhone 3g, and for some reason both the home and power buttons are unresponsive. Its an old phone, and the battery was dead, after recharging, it rebooted, and I unlocked the home screen via the slider. The touch screen is responsive, but when I opened the photos app, I couldn't close it using the home button. I tried to power down using the power button and that didnt work. Trying to force a reset by holding both buttons simultaneously doesn't work either. The phone is stuck in the photos app, and while it is responsive to the touch screen and isn't frozen, the buttons aren't working.

    Interestingly the only response I do get from the home button is when the phone is charging. While it's charging I can hold the home button, and it will stop charging, until I let go of it and it starts charging again (as evidenced by the battery icon).

    Any ideas? Thanks!
    2012-01-12 07:00 AM