1. MrDoughnuts's Avatar
    I accidentally unplugged my I4 while restoring to my custom FW, this happend a couple of minutes into the process and now my device is stuck on recovery mode, I disconnected the logicbord to the battery and tried again but it was to no prevail (this worked for my friends 3gs). I think it will work if i restore to the same FW my phone had before restoring to iOS 5 but i never saved my shsh and cant find a way to do this now. I havent tried to do a regular restore because i want to keep my baseband to unlock this phone with ultrasnow.
    2012-01-17 03:50 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    What happens if you put it in pwned DFU and try restoring to the custom firmware again?
    2012-01-17 03:52 AM
  3. MrDoughnuts's Avatar
    pwned DFU restoring mode works, im using the latest Redsnow and it says "Done!". When I open iTunes it gives me this message "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes." when i then choose "NO_BB_iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw" itunes then extracts the software but it fails after verifying with appel and gives me this message "The Iphone is not eligible for the requested build."
    2012-01-17 04:00 AM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    Open tiny umbrella
    Click on advanced
    deselect the box that says "set hosts to cydia on exit"
    Close tiny umbrella and proceed with the custom restore
    2012-01-17 02:41 PM
  5. MrDoughnuts's Avatar
    Thanks but i never got the chance to try that out, a hour after my last reply i tried to put it on pwnd DFU mode with ireb and tried to install iOS 5.0.1 running windows instead Mac and it worked I knowl have 01.59.00 BB and running iOS 5.0.1 everything seems to work fine now except facetime and imessage. I used sam and it says that im wildcard activated and i tried iPusher and another push app to test my push notifications and they all say it works fine, and i have the latest carrer settings installed but facetime and imessage is still stuck on activating.
    2012-01-17 03:42 PM
  6. Simon's Avatar
    They can be carrier dependant, I know tmobile users have issues activating them. You should be able to get them working with your apple id in the short term. There are a few threads around here about getting them working with tmobile (if that is who you are with).
    2012-01-17 03:50 PM
  7. MrDoughnuts's Avatar
    Thanks I'm using Tele2 which is a Swedish carrier, I'm going to look around in swedish iphone forums to see if its a common problem for Tele2 users, did you see the game last night? i loved how Kobe talked **** to lamar befor setting up the last play lol!
    2012-01-17 03:53 PM
  8. Simon's Avatar
    Sure did, ugly game, but great finish
    2012-01-17 03:54 PM
  9. MrDoughnuts's Avatar
    Especially the 3Q, but it feelt good winning over the Mavs
    2012-01-17 03:56 PM
  10. Simon's Avatar
    2012-01-17 04:07 PM