1. hnic5555's Avatar
    Since sprint charges now for data while using the hotspot if i jailbreak my iPhone4s and use MyWi will they still charge me for using the data over 3g???
    2012-01-23 10:06 AM
  2. Lohand's Avatar
    Depends on what visibility they have to the type of usage. Some carriers can tell whether you're tethering or not even with MiWi. PDANet claims to hide this type of usage from the Carrier. Whether it works or not is still debatable last time I checked. People claim to get "nasty-gram" sms with either app. Some also think they simply use data volume as a trigger and not anything as sophisticated as WAP/HTML gateway detection tools.

    I say try it! I believe PDANet and MiWi have trial periods and the worst that could happen is you get a warning and go back to the data/tether plan. That's all...

    PS Tethering or not, data cap or "unlimited", 3G or 4G data, ALL carriers will watch you like a Hawk and "take action" if you are a Data Monster so save the big downloads/streaming for WiFi and stat under the radar. Just Sayin...
    2012-01-23 09:24 PM