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  1. Slimz's Avatar
    I purchased one of those kogadget kits and when I got it, just my luck the back had the wrong tabs, I'm assuming for an iPhone 4, and it did not fit my 4s, in the process of figuring this out, I cracked it. No big deal, since it didn't fit anyway.

    With that said, does someone make the back glass with the clear logo? I've never seen it other then with those kits. The kit works wonderfully, but kinda pointless without the lit up logo.

    2012-01-28 03:20 AM
  2. dannyrocket's Avatar
    Well are you in the US? is the sole US distributer so you might wanna check with them. I needed a new led panel and they responded within minutes and within the hour I had a tracking number and 3 days later I had my panel. Email them and see what happens as Kogadget never responded back to me about my problem
    2012-01-29 03:13 PM