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    Im trying to understand this AT&T top 5% data users. My friend has a jailbroken iPhone 4, and he has been throttled 2 consecutive months. He has gotten the text from AT&T, and the next day he's been throttled. At one point he was using 15gb's a month, now he's been throttled at 1.5gb six days into his cycle, also he's a truck driver, and is never on wifi. Im not sure if since he never connects to wifi, that may have something to do with it. So my theory is once you've been put into this top 5%, that's where you stay, and your data is based upon the those users. I'm jailbroken and I've used 1.8gb in 9 days with no issues from AT&T. I just know AT&T wants unlimited data users gone.
    2012-01-29 09:56 PM