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    Hey guys i recently ordered a speck candyshell about a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately it cracked and speck is requiring me to give them a receipt to verify my purchase so they can send me a replacement. I unfortuantley lost the receipt aswell -__-.. I really love this case guys, i don't feel like spending another $40 on getting a new one. Would anyone be kind enough to let me borrow a copy of there receipt? i'm not gonna fraud you or steal your credit card or anything i just need another case. I'm also willing to pay you a few bucks with Paypal… If you still don't trust me you can hand it over to a mod and they can email speck for me and i'll give the admin/mod my address to ship it too. I'd really apperciate this guys!

    I Can also let you see my Incipio Feather Case receipt…and get a incipio feather shipped to you in return.

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    2012-01-30 03:06 AM
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    Bump… anyone with a candyshell willing to help me out
    2012-01-31 10:51 PM