1. BlnkCruiser's Avatar
    hi everyone, i just got an iphone 4s for my wife. from her 3gs, i backup the contact to my pc. i got 2 files " addressbook.sqlitedb' and "addressbookimages.sqlitedb". i need help to restore the contact onto her 4s. i did not backup the contact with itunes. all i have is these 2 files.
    before i restore her 3gs, i forgot to write down the contact. but after restore. i used ifunbox and copy and paste the contact list back into the 3gs, the contacts are there again. however, when i sync some apps back into the phone with itunes, all her contact is gone, instead it sync the contact list from my phone. I tried to use ifunbox to copy and paste her addressbook file back into her phone, it didnt work this time. no contact at all. even after several tries.
    so i did the same thing to her 4s, copy and paste the "addressbook.sqlitedb and addressbookimages.sqlitedb" back into: raw/var/mobile/library/address book. But the contact doesnt show up. it's empty. can anyone help me with ways to get the contact back into her 4s phone running 5.0.1?

    thank you..
    2012-01-30 08:26 AM
  2. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Change the settings in iTunes to prevent syncing of YOUR contact list, so it'll leave your wife's intact. Should be on the info tab (2nd tab after summary) After selecting your wife's iPhone in iTunes.
    2012-01-30 10:23 AM
  3. BlnkCruiser's Avatar
    thanks for the tip docmagoo2
    but unfortunately, it's not working. when i sync the contact from itunes, my contact list and my nephew's contact list is sync to my wife's phone. i must mess things up in itunes somehow. with itunes contact sync, somehow 2 contact list is merg together and sync to the phone.
    just for future reference... how do i sync my own contact list with itunes, so it's just my list? erase the current combine contact list in itunes.
    anymore ideas about restoring the "addressbook.sqlitedb" to the 4s?

    2012-01-30 10:46 AM