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    I downloaded a torrent file (TomTom USA/Canada) and I extracted the file and dragged it to iTunes, I synced my iPhone and I don't see that app on my directory. I can see it in my list of app in my computer, I restarted my iPhone and re-synced but nothing changes.

    Where did I go wrong?
    What cydia source can I use?
    2012-01-31 07:31 AM
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    I found the solution.

    Step 1: Enter Cydia on the iPhone, go to manage, go to sources, click edit (top right), click add (top left) and type : http://cydia.hackulo.us/ . Ignore Cydia’s silly warnings
    Step 2: click search (bottom right), type ********** and press ‘install’ (top right)
    Step 3: click search again, type in appsync. The only result you should get is AppSync click this and press install
    Step 4: Exit Cydia, and click the new ********** icon. Click settings (bottom right). Change Install Method to dirty. Toggle iTunes Sync to On
    Step 5: Download the tom-tom app and drag the app you just downloaded into iTunes
    Step 6: Plug your iphone into your computer or just sync over wi-fi. it should now sync the app. this could take up to 40 minutes. If you are using sync over wi-fi, I dragged the apps from my iTunes Apps into my iPhone under devices tab.
    Step 7: Unplug iPhone and run the tomtom app!
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    2012-01-31 11:46 PM
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    It is against MMI rules to talk about cracked apps.

    Buy TomTom from iTunes and there will be no problem
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    2012-01-31 11:49 PM