1. luketinsley's Avatar
    Ok so I bought intelliscreenX and I'm trying to figure out how to delete the clunky good for nothing app it keeps on the springboard after you purchase it. All the app does is redirect me to the setting app...whys it there and how I get rid of it without deleting the whole tweak?
    2012-02-04 02:54 AM
  2. keenpois0n's Avatar
    either hide with sbsettings or go to /applications and delete it, although that may very likely delete important components, so stick with the first
    2012-02-04 12:35 PM
  3. gotzaiPhone's Avatar
    Springtomize also has options to hide icons. If that doesn't work, throw it in a folder somewhere and forget about it!
    2012-02-05 04:03 PM