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  1. Host_Killer's Avatar
    Iphone 4S iOS-5.0.1

    Same setup up as my old iphone 4 JB. Now I drain my battery at a wicked rate. I can just watch the percentage drop.

    Anyone else having issues? Does anyone know what to do?
    2012-02-06 03:44 PM
  2. matthew1111's Avatar
    I love watching my battery go down. It's a 4S thing. A lot of people are having problems with the battery. Don't know what to tell you...disable location? Get the tweak that turns off 3G when you lock the screen? You can maybe get it to the regular battery usage of un-Jb if you're lucky.
    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

    2012-02-07 04:32 AM
  3. PURE XTC's Avatar
    I'm having batt drain issues too. The 5.0.1 on 4s I am aware if but mine is strange. Cple days ago Cydia updated a few tweaks and now over 8 hour period with minimal usage the batt us done!!
    Cydia did, iconoclasm, iblank, and one or two more updates. I can figure it out. Location is off as well as 3G & Edge. Only wifi on.
    I'm running a iPhone 4, on 4.2.1.

    Any ideas??
    2012-02-08 05:31 AM
  4. JamyPee's Avatar
    It probably has nothing to do with the jailbreak, the iPhone 4S battery life pretty poor in general. Apple is said to be working on it, although I highly doubt that the battery life will be improved greatly.
    2012-02-08 09:52 AM
  5. Host_Killer's Avatar
    Mine battery life is a joke now. My wife is on iPhone 4 and hers is horrible as well. It has to be JB before my 4S was livable and hers was good. Now just sitting there the phone will go done below 20% with little usage.
    2012-02-09 09:05 PM
  6. 4sid's Avatar
    Yesterday, with WiFi on, we watched 2 hours of videos and the battery dropped to 60%.

    However, usually, my iPhone 4S can run for a whole day without any issues.
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    2012-02-10 02:56 AM
  7. prickleypete's Avatar
    Long explanation for the fix - a lot of troubleshooting resulted in this:
    2012-02-10 03:00 PM
  8. Host_Killer's Avatar
    Thank You... Sounds like we are (were) in same boat... I have installed Firewall IP to start tracking which programs are draining battery... I was starting to look at LockInfo as my culprit, but now I will wait and see... My battery drainage is very much inline with what you were experiencing...

    I'll try to update.
    2012-02-10 03:33 PM
  9. xhazex9x's Avatar
    Try battery fix ios 5 from cydia everyone says it doesnt do anything but it worked for me my battery is better than stock and when i first jailbroke it but there are 3 repos it only seemed to work good from one of the "usual" places
    2012-02-11 03:04 AM
  10. Host_Killer's Avatar
    I didn't find it in my stuff. Help?
    2012-02-11 03:13 AM
  11. mariosblink's Avatar
    hey guys sorry i know i am off topic but it's my first time at this forum i have got a serious problem with my iphone 2g stucked at the headphone mode.. when the earphones are not plugged in i can not hear any sound from the speaker ... the phone it's not jailbreaked.. please please if someone could give me a solution about my problem or what can i do to fix it.. pleaseee .. thanks a lot ..
    2012-02-11 04:12 AM
  12. StaticFX's Avatar
    Restore it as new.

    My battery on my 4s is fine. Typically I can get through almost 2 days on a charge. Jailbroken.
    2012-02-11 04:40 AM
  13. gotzaiPhone's Avatar
    I didn't find it in my stuff. Help?
    It's only available from the insanelyi paid VIP repo.
    2012-02-12 02:22 PM
  14. Host_Killer's Avatar
    Update - I installed 5.1 update, which means I lost JB, but my battery problem is gone.
    2012-03-22 02:48 AM
  15. celeron's Avatar
    Anyone knows if this battery fix in iOS 5.1 is for the 4S only? My ipod's battery life is good but if this update makes it better I'll update
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    2012-03-22 02:51 AM
  16. 2k1's Avatar
    I'm wondering myself my battery seems to be gittin worse don't wanna go tethered but if it makes it better I just may.
    2012-03-22 03:07 AM
  17. Host_Killer's Avatar
    My wife has iphone 4 had no issue with battery life... I JB it, now she is ready to unJB because her battery can't make an entire day just sitting there with very little usage.
    2012-03-22 05:46 PM
  18. Robert82's Avatar
    On my 4s I am getting a max of 3hr usage time.
    2012-03-28 01:17 PM
  19. 2k1's Avatar
    Wow that's crazy what you on 5.0.1?
    2012-03-28 01:23 PM
  20. Robert82's Avatar
    Wow that's crazy what you on 5.0.1?
    Yeah 5.0.1. Restored so many times to see if it would help but nothing. Apple won't replace my phone because I am in Australia due to it being bought in the uk.
    2012-03-29 05:17 AM
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