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  1. Duscarter's Avatar
    I am upgrading my phone and want to give my old one to my Sister. What are the best apps on Cydia for doing a backup?

    I want to keep as much of my apps/info as I can, and then wipe my personal info from the phone. Anyway to do that without having to re-jailbreak?

    Sorry for the noobish questions.
    2012-02-10 12:37 AM
  2. G5Mac's Avatar
    cydia has packs for backing up your tweaks but if the phone/pod is restored u have to re jailbreak then use it to get all yr mods back. the issue might be if it's a diff FW not all those packages will work on the new FW. Most people prob. start from scratch
    2012-02-10 10:04 PM