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    I tried to install a new source in Cydia and ended up putting in the wrong info. Now I get the error shown in the pic. I used iFile to locate the error and delete the line. Once I deleted it I got the same error because iFile didn't delete the line. It keeps coming back up even though I deleted it. I'm not sure how to SSH and iExplorer can't read the file or allow me to edit it. What do I need to do? Do I have to delete Cydia and get another deb file and start all over or is there another way for me to edit the file. By the way, I can't access or download any Cydia apps with it in this state and my iPhone keeps going into safe mode. Any help would be AWESOME!!! Thanks.
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    2012-02-10 10:14 PM
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    Delete the repo thats causing the problem
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    2012-02-10 10:33 PM
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    Delete the repo thats causing the problem
    That would be the simple solution but my source page is blank that's why I used iFile to delete it. But as I stated before its comes back every time. It's the deb second from the bottom. Also when I look up the sources in iFile it's not listed with the other repos.
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    2012-02-10 11:04 PM