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    Here's my dilemma. My friend gave me his Iphone 3g, Unmodified ios 4.3.3 and it is stuck in an endless recovery loop.

    I experienced the same problem a couple months ago with a 3gs where I just used Tiny Umbrella to kick it out of recovery mode, but with this iPhone, it is completely unresponsive.

    The only time I can get the apple logo or the itunes logo with the usb cord is when I plug it into my computer or plug it into an exterior power source. Other than that it doesn't respond when I press and hold the power and home button.

    When it IS plugged up, it has the itunes logo with the usb cable, and it is recognized in Tiny Umbrella but it is just a random series of numbers that change every time I plug it back in or I use the function to kick it out of restore mode. When I do try to kick it out of restore mode, it goes to the apple logo, then a loading bar appears for a split second and then it reboots, the apple logo appears again and then it is at the recovery screen again.

    From the recovery screen or even when I assume that it is off when I unplug it, it is completely unresponsive to the power or home button, and I cannot put it into DFU mode or even do a hard reset. Many have suggested that I use redsn0w to put it into the DFU or "pwned DFU" mode, but it is to no avail because it doesn't respond at all when I hold down or press the buttons.

    ITunes does seem to recognize it when I plug it in, that it is in restore mode, but when I try to do a factory restore, it fails.

    I have searched high and low on google for a solution to this problem, but everyone keeps reffering to using a third party software such as limera1n or redsn0w, tiny umbrella etc.. But the main problem is that I cannot manually put the Iphone into DFU mode, it is just stuck in Recovery Mode. Off the power source, the screen eventually fades to black, but from there it is unresponsive, which I assumed was DFU mode, but when I plug it back up, it boots up with the apple logo and then proceeds to the recovery mode screen, "plug into ITunes" crap.

    The only closest thing I have came to solving this was the almost solution with Tiny Umbrella, where I thought it would kick it out of restore mode, and it did look like it for a time, but it just went straight back into restore mode.

    Any help would be much appreciated, just know that the buttons DO work, the Iphone just isn't responding when I press them, and that I cannot turn it off, or put it into DFU mode when it is plugged up to my computer or when unplugged.

    Honestly I think it's bricked or could be a hardware problem, but I don't know.
    2012-02-25 02:06 AM
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    I wonder. If you downloaded a 4.3.3 ispw file of the iOS and when you are connected to iTunes you could press Shift and Click restore to selected downloaded iOS file. Try also, load iTunes. Connect USB cable to computer. Then. Hold the Home button down while connecting to the 30 pin connector. Just some random ideas . You could take it to an Apple Store. Tell them your story. They can try to fix. Or perhaps give you a refurbished phone.
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    2012-02-25 07:24 PM
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    iPhone 3G does not support 4.3.3....

    Baseband 6.15.00?
    2012-02-26 01:42 AM