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    The quick fix solution for your missing phone icon!

    Earlier today, I installed the OpenSHH package available on Cydia. After it was installed, I noticed my phone icon was missing! I searched all of my folders for it thinking that i may have moved it accidentally. Had no clue where it went. I restarted the iPhone and it was still missing. So i played around with the phone for a bit and found 2 solutions.

    Whatever you may have heard, don't go through the process of restoring your phone. Take the easy route.

    Solution #1:
    Reset your home screen;
    To do this, go to your iDevice SETTINGS.
    - Click on General
    - Click on Reset
    - Reset Home Screen

    voala! You are done! If you went ahead and did the steps I just gave you and skipped reading through this thread you just notice that everything is back to default, meaning you will have to rearrange everything and place everything back in each folder. May take some time to RENIG! but you're done, you got your icon back =)

    Solution #2:
    This one blew my mind away! You ready? Only do this if you do not want to go through the process given above ^^^
    - Press and hold on any icon, until it is on the Move Icon/Delete mode (everything is shaking)
    - Drag any icon above the BLANK area where your PHONE ICON was.
    - Release the icon and "Thun thun thuuuuuuu"

    Your phone icon should magically reappear now! The Icon you dragged is returned to its original spot!

    Oh yea! One other solution for jailbroken devices. Install the Activator provided on Cydia. Restart your iDevice; Go to Settings; Find Activator; Set up your easy access button and any other numerous features and you're good to go.

    If this helped you in anyway, please thank me =) i'm new to this forum and getting thanks is like getting a badge to me!!

    mannnnnn, i'll get to this later
    2012-02-28 07:03 PM