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    I couldn't decide as to the most appropriate thread for this topic so here I am...

    I've done a good bit of searching with no success :
    If I'm connected to my vehicle BT and on a call, any other iPhone app audio will play across the BT and output on my car speakers. However, the same apps will not play over the BT if I'm not already connected to a call. For example 5-0 Police Scanner will play over BT when I'm on a call but when I'm not on a call and try to play the Scanner audio over the car BT there's nothing - not over the BT and understandably not on the iPhone speaker. Just silence. To be clear, the Scanner app is switched to BT audio but nothing plays over the car speakers. As well, while connected to a call the text receive and send sounds play over the BT, but not when I'm disconnected from a call. Just a couple of examples.

    Any solutions to have all iPhone audio play over the car BT regardless of me being connected to a call?
    2012-03-09 04:42 AM