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    Hello all. I'm not sure if this has already been documented. I did a quick search but didn't see anything in my quick scan of results.

    My 1 day old brand new retail 4S was jailbroken happily hours after purchase suddenly began crashing to safe mode tonight. After uninstalling some of the latest applications I installed from Cydia proved fruitless in resolving the issue I discovered that my iPad 2 was exhibiting the same issue. After restarting either device the mobile substrate safe mode pop up would appear within a few minutes. They'd just be sitting on the counter and I'd hear the beep indicating that they had crashed.

    I believe I discovered the culprit. It was my 3GS that I had upgraded to iOS 5.1 as a New Device for 2 reasons: 1) I was trading in tomorrow, and 2) I wanted to delete some pictures in my Photo Stream now that this feature had become available at long last.

    I deleted a number of pics and shortly before this all happened and apparently this may have caused an issue with my 4S and iPad 2 which were both set up to access the same iCloud account for Photo Stream. I turned Photo Stream off on both devices and then turned it back on to download the pictures again. It's been about 30+ minutes now and neither device has crashed out since.

    In all fairness I have not read whether this was documented anywhere in any official literature so I apologize if this is relatively common knowledge.

    Oddly enough, my wife's iPhone 4, also jailbroken and accessing the same iCloud Photo Stream did not encounter this issue. I toggled Photo Stream off and then back on anyway. Maybe it just hadn't happened yet.

    Hopefully that is what happened and the issue has been put to bed.

    I'll post an update if the crashes resume.
    2012-03-10 08:41 AM
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    Update: Nope. It took a while, but both 4S and iPad 2 crashed to Safe Mode. Last time it was Iconoclasm (reviewing my older posts). I'll check that and report back if I find what app is causing it. Whatever it is, apparently doesn't reside on the iPhone 4 as that has been rock solid.
    2012-03-10 03:35 PM
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    After a full day+ of my A5 devices crashing to safe mode and me uninstalling numerous JB applications:

    • Buuf LS/HS/Flipclock themes

    • 5x5 no labels for Iconoclasm

    • Activator

    • Dreamboard

    • Iconoclasm

    • Libweather

    • Notifier+

    • SBSettings

    • Wallpaper Jpegifier

    • Weather Icon

    • Zeppelin

    ...I learned that Apple coincidentally stopped signing 5.0.1 on what appears to have been right around the same time this all started. On at least one other occasion, (before I got my 4S) my iPad 2 experienced something similar to this for about one day. These 2 A5 devices last crashed last night sometime before 3:00 AM ET (back to back on my iPad 2), but has not since then.

    One of the last things I did was I disabled Photo Streaming altogether on both devices. I've just re-enabled it on the 4S and will post back if it starts crashing again.
    2012-03-11 04:02 PM
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    Crashes returned around 12:13 AM ET last night (3/12):
    • 00:30:46 (2012 Mar 12)
    • 00:26:35 (2012 Mar 12)
    • 00:24:19 (2012 Mar 12)
    • 00:18:53 (2012 Mar 12)
    • 00:13:34 (2012 Mar 12)

    These are from my 4S. My iPad 2 also crashed but I did not review those reports.

    I reviewed my syslog crash reports (on my 4S) and, I've got to be honest, I had no idea what I was looking at. It did appear that there were some issues with acquiring a variety of updates (weather, time, etc...). So after the 5th crash I turned off 3G and wifi. The crashes stopped. I'm unable to confirm that they stopped due to this or because there were just a few concentrated in that time frame, but they did not continue when I woke up this morning at 6:00 AM ET and turned everything back on.

    Not sure if this it notable or not, but iTunes was also updated over the weekend in addition to Apple no longer signing 5.0.1. Perhaps there is/was maintenance on their end that is causing some jailbroken A5 devices, perhaps with specific applications installed, to be more susceptible to crashes due to any changes.

    Also worth noting: On Saturday, I believe, the clock on my 4S is set to Set Automatically but was detecting that I was in the wrong time zone (Chicago, when it should be New York). It detected correctly after a short while I didn't think anything of this until a coworker just mentioned that she, too, experienced incorrect time zone issues this weekend on her iPhone 4.
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    2012-03-12 02:49 PM