1. nod32's Avatar
    I cannot make any changes to my contact list, through the normal app, or through icloud, or through any 3rd party apps. Anything i delete/change/add doesnt stay. I remember I changed the permissions on some files during a previous jailbreak for some reason, so i think i must have set something to read only.

    What files make up the contact list and what should the permissions be set to?

    i have an iphone 4, ios5.1 with the untethered jailbreak and am using winscp to ssh
    2012-04-02 02:22 AM
  2. nod32's Avatar
    i fixed it so here's an update.

    i ssh'd into the addressbook folder and set the folder to 777 (recursively)
    i rebooted with redsn0w because it was tethered
    all the contacts were gone but i had a backup with the app "excelcontacts" so i restored them
    my contact list is now editable
    2012-04-02 04:07 AM
  3. docmagoo2's Avatar
    All the files are in var/mobile/library/addressbook

    Set owner to mobile, group to mobile (make sure not root)

    Access permissions
    Set user to read, write
    Group to read
    World to read

    This Should work.
    2012-04-02 07:45 PM