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    For a long time I have problem with how iPhones native SMS app wraps text in messages.
    I usually end up with something like this..
    Changing text wrapping / width of iPhone SMS text bubbles ?-img_0418-copy.jpg

    ..which really sucks (and is so lame Apple!) especialy with long sms.

    I found screencapst like this on the net..
    Changing text wrapping / width of iPhone SMS text bubbles ?-blacksms2.jpg

    .. wondered where might be the difference and thought that some tweak might exist for it ?

    I tryed to google around it, but no luck so as last resort I decided to ask here.
    Be glad for any advice. Thanks

    Or alternatively, if you dont know of any mod/fix for this, can you recommend a good 3rd party SMS app ? (preferably with same design as the native one)
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    - iPhone game developers
    2012-04-19 02:28 PM
  2. Riva_art's Avatar
    Nobody ?
    - iPhone game developers
    2012-04-23 12:04 AM
  3. innocence1943's Avatar
    You'd better try bitesms . Truthfully,I didn't see any difference seriously...
    2012-04-25 06:56 AM
  4. Riva_art's Avatar
    I tryed bitesms yesteday and it has the same problem for me. Both with old messages and newly received.

    > I didn't see any difference seriously

    Sorry, difference in what ?
    - iPhone game developers
    2012-04-27 12:10 PM
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