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    To my expectation, the latest ipad 3, A5 5.1 hasn't been jailbroken yet. And I assume the new JB is coming soon. Last time it seemed like JB took about 4-5 months before initially released. So I don't think this time the dev-team will keep us waiting for another 4-5 months But ofcourse I could be wrong. Let's keep our fingers crossed whoever updated their i S devices to 5.1. According to Jailbreak history we can assume that the new JB is coming sooner than we thought. Because statistically we can see that JB comes around a month later after ios releases but sometimes within week. Ihope that they will not keep us waiting for the new jb. @pod2g stated that he is almost finished with his exploits and working on security by pass. So once the JB hits the streets apple will patch it within weeks with 5.2 or 5.1.2 (whatever the firmware's number is). And here is the good news which is @i0n1c will publish his downgrade tool for A5 devices. I do however hope tha he publishes sooner than waiting for ios releases.
    2012-04-20 08:49 AM