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    Hey everyone, so I recently posted a Post about my iphone 4 displaying temperature warning and then turning off and not turning on again. It has Been in this state for 2 days ( I tried charging, hard reset, connecting to iTunes) anyways, today the iphone turned on and while I was at the password screen, the screen displayed colors then went to white. Then, there was black at the edges and the screen turned to negative with the black in the middle and white at the edges and then to dark blue! Now the screen is blank again and I am back to start. It won't turn on
    2012-05-02 06:09 AM
  2. Miro89's Avatar
    2012-05-02 09:49 AM
  3. broncosi's Avatar
    how new is the phone? why not just bring it in to an apple store?
    2012-05-02 04:06 PM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Attempt to put it into DFU or recovery mode, then restore.
    2012-05-02 04:55 PM
  5. docmagoo2's Avatar
    It's hardware. If under warranty - apple store. If not - eBay
    2012-05-02 08:21 PM