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    Hello, I purchased a iPhone 4S from a my friends friend who doesn't live near me sadly, It has signal on Orange T-Mobile but no signal bars on Orange, I cannot text or ring out or receive calls. I checked the IMEI number with CheckMend and they said it's blocked on certain networks, but it has not been reported as lost? So I am really confused whats going on and is there anything I can do?

    2012-05-10 03:52 PM
  2. Touri5t's Avatar
    It sounds like your iPhone is carrier locked to Orange T-Mobile.


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    The best thing you could do long term is try & contact the original owner of the iPhone & ask them to get it unlocked via IMEI if it is eligible- Orange UK did mine in March & from what I can remember it was just under 20. )

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    2012-05-10 05:19 PM
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    The guy who sold me the phone had a Orange Sim Card in it, I bought a new sim and it has no bars when on Orange. Im starting to wonder if its IMEI blocked because he sold it cheaper than the usual price. In UK Orange share networks with T-Mobile, I just find it weird how I get signal on T-Mobile and not Orange.

    I get 3G on Orange but when I try to make any call it just beeps and cuts off.
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    2012-05-10 05:52 PM
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    I doubt I will be able to get a refund, I only paid 100 so guess its not bad for a iPod
    2012-05-10 08:12 PM
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    I doubt I will be able to get a refund, I only paid 100 so guess its not bad for a iPod
    Sounds likes its IMEI blocked and frankly if it was 100 then that's probably the case. A network lock wont show up as blocked on certain networks. He should have told you when purchasing that it didn't work. Also the reason you get signal is because of the way UK networks do their blocking. Some will let the phone register (hence signal) on the network but block calls and texts, some just block it even from registering (hence no signal). Note that the block only applies to UK networks.
    2012-05-12 06:02 AM