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    I'd introduce myself but this is urgent so that'll have to wait Gonna try to keep this short so I hope it isn't too confusing. I'd also like to apologize in advance if I've put this in thr wrong place, I'm new here.

    Basically, I had a jailbroken & unlocked iphone 3GS that I sold to my friend in England (I'm in Sweden) since I upgraded to 4S and didn't need it anymore. Before sending it off to her I restored it to factory settings to avoid having to delete everything manually, BIG mistake. As it also removed the jailbreak + unlock. Stupidly enough I didnt realise until a few days later when she informed me it wasnt working. It was once again locked to the operator I'd been using it with initially.

    So I sent her a SIM card to use to get past the activation part so she could later jailbreak and unlock herself. But this won't work. SIM card is activated and registered, but the phone still isn't recognising it. She only managed to get past this by using something called Hacktivate (?) to jailbreak without a valid SIM card, but then unlocking with Cydia and ultrasn0w etc. won't work.

    Today, she did some research and found out that people are having problems with the latest iOS update (which happens to be installed in the phone atm) causing problems with SIM cards in 3GS (I havent done any research on this myself so if someone could confirm this, that'd be great) So naturally, a downgrade seemed to be a good option.

    She has now tried to downgrade several times, but it won't work. She gets error messages. And now, for some reason, after restoring phone to factory settings yet again, it won't even let her do the Hackivate/Jailbreak thing she did before. It won't let her get past activation as it still is not recognising the SIM card. So she can't use it for anything right now.

    So naturally my question is: Can anything be done to fix this problem now or are we completely f*cked? I feel bad as it's basically all my fault for removing the unlock in the first place. I've had iPods and iPhones for what, 3 years now? The jailbreak thing is still pretty new to me but I feel like I should've known better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance xxx
    2012-05-19 05:21 PM
  2. tacoma96's Avatar
    She can restore to 4.1 see if it will activated with your sim.
    Put the iPhone into Pwned DFU mode using redsn0w if getting errors from iTunes.
    2012-05-19 06:26 PM
  3. silverlynx's Avatar
    I think she tried something like that, not sure it was redsn0w that she used though as she's had trouble with getting that to work in the past. I'm gonna have to ask her.
    2012-05-19 06:30 PM
  4. tacoma96's Avatar
    Host point to Apple server for iOS 4.1 . If she used TinyUmbrellla make sure uncheck "Set host to Cydia on exist" Reboot the PC and restore.
    2012-05-19 06:40 PM
  5. silverlynx's Avatar
    Asked her now and yes it was redn0w that she used. Which didn't work.
    2012-05-19 10:08 PM
  6. silverlynx's Avatar
    Does anyone else have any suggestions? Getting really worried now. Thanks.
    2012-05-19 11:53 PM