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    My JB iphone 4 on 5.0.1 was misbehaving & eventually went into respring loop.
    I bit the bullet & upgraded to 5.1 & was waiting for untethered JB. As you will appreciate - I began suffering from JB withdrawal. So I did the semi tethered redsnOw.
    I didn't want to restore from pkgbackup in case it put back stuff that was causing my problems on 5.0.1 so I reinstalled cydia stuff manually.
    Last of all I downloaded & installed pkgbackup. To my surprise/shock pkgbackup was showing ALL my previous preferences files & even apple store apps that I no longer had nor wanted! I had deleted previous pkgbackup backup from "contacts" & "address book" on Mac. I deleted previous held backups in "Dropbox". So how the hell are all those old files still there? To do a new backup on pkgbackup I have to go through the pref files in that app and choose 116/177 files to backup - what a pain EVERYTIME I add more cydia stuff and do a fresh backup.
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