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  1. iHackz's Avatar
    I've had my iPhone 4S (VZW) since early January of this year and all of a sudden when I try to open my "Notifications" (in settings), my settings crashes to the springboard. I've tried opening my "Notifications" in Safe Mode but it still crashes which leads me to believe something is seriously wrong. I've tried searching all over Google for what the problem could possibly be but I have come up with nothing. Can anybody help me out? I've also tried plugging it in iTunes to see if that would fix the problem but it did not. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
    2012-05-25 11:48 PM
  2. EVO's Avatar
    Are you jailbroken or not?
    2012-05-25 11:51 PM
  3. iHackz's Avatar
    Yes, I am jailbroken... Running 5.0.1
    2012-05-26 12:01 AM
  4. EVO's Avatar
    have you installed any recent tweaks before the crashed happened?

    If you did try to uninstall each tweak and open the Settings app again..

    if you havent, I would suggest try to restore
    2012-05-28 12:47 PM