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    I restored my iPhone using iTunes, then I had to install all my third party apps again. Then I had to drag each jiggling icon to whatever springboard page from before, though some appeared on the correct page when installed. Not only was this a pain, it was a pain last time I did it.

    I've used ZiPhone and iPlus. ZiPhone has a GUI and is easier, bit iPlus installs SSH, a repaired term-vt100, and a couple other things, so I will go with iPlus next time.

    I keep a backup of my iPhone, made through SSH. I transfer everything but the /dev folder. Last time 13 files failed to transmit because of name conversion or being locked.

    If I must restore my iPhone again, what do I transmit back to restore all my apps? iTunes restores Safari bookmarks, mail setup, WiFi setup, and a few other things. iTunes will also restore music that was downloaded. I don't need to duplicate that, but if so, no big deal.

    If I copy a list of folders/files via SSH that change, on a regular basis, I want to do the following steps to restore my iPhone to what it was at any time:
    1) Restore with iTunes
    2) Jailbreak with iPlus
    3) Restore folders/files via SSH
    4) Reboot iPhone and all springboard pages should be what they were and all apps should work like they did, without invoking installer.

    So, what needs to be backed up? It would be good to have this documented somewhere for the sake of everyone.

    I will also write a Windows app to go both ways, similar to the iPhone Notes app I made at http://subjectivist.org/iphone

    renewing my question
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    please someone answer this question b/c this is the reason I'm not upgrading my FW. Don't want to install all it app again.
    2008-03-23 09:06 PM
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    I'm wondering the same thing...

    I actually tried to do this, it is theoretically possible, there are just too many files to deal with, you gotta take care of the apps, peermissions, preferences, frameworks, ......... etc. If you can collect every single of the necessary files, put them in necessary positions and repair every single permission then you can achieve this. It's too long to do it by hand, you gotta get all the info and write an app for your PC to do all this. If I had the knowledge I would be working on this right now, I contacted a few people on the scene regarding this but haven't been able to resolve this issue. If you are willing to do this, let me give you a few good starting hints:

    1) Develop a Mac app, uses the same file structure with the iPhone so it will be easier to do it.
    2) Use AFP, it uses the native file structure and protocol of the iPhone file structure with a Mac so you can more easily change/read/manipulate files using a Mac
    2008-03-23 11:20 PM
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    I don't have a Mac and see no need to do a Mac virtually. The SharpSSH modules I found work real well. To do a backup I may have to get a file, interrogate it, then branch from there.

    People use apps from the iPhone on the iPod Touch, and there are instructions how to do that. What I read seemed easy. Restoring iPhone apps from a backup should be similar. It seems each saved application should be written back to the iPhone, with associated folders, permissions set, then plist files updated.

    Maybe if enough people comment here we can get enough info to do this.
    2008-03-23 11:48 PM
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    what i did was go to the installer... go to unistall... in word wrote down all the apps i installed... then went to sources and wrote down all the sources i had... upgraded and did it all over...untill they come out with an app thats what u got to do
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    2008-03-23 11:59 PM
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    That's what I do. The biggest pain is scrolling through installer, studying each, and picking out what you think you had previously. If you've put all their names in a file alphabetically, you only need to make one pass through installer and put them in the queue. I sent a request to the installer contact and asked to add a queue export file. No response. That could be maintained automatically by installer with each install, then after restoring the iPhone, restore just that one file and have installer act on it. This might be the way to go instead of doing a backup. I think what has already been installed by installer is available. A standalone program could be made to get that info and save it, then after restoring, an installer script could be made.

    This is a needed application. Any help how to proceed would be appreciated.
    2008-03-24 12:23 AM
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    I didn't said you "needed" to make a Mac app, I said it would be easier to develop a Mac app. Read the post again, purdy please.
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    I didn't said you "needed" to make a Mac app, I said it would be easier to develop a Mac app. Read the post again, purdy please.
    I did read your post. I said I do not have a Mac and I do not need to do one virtuallly, which means run OSX as a virtual machine. That means I don't want to. I don't like Macintosh. They just happened to make a good iPhone even though it only has one elegant button on the front. I've been writing Windows applications since Windows first came out, and MSDOS long before that.

    If I was going write an application to run on the iPhone that would be different. But I'm not going to do that. I'm going to write a Windows application and get what I need from the iPhone via SSH.
    2008-03-25 05:11 AM
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    i had to also
    2008-03-26 03:34 AM
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    theres lots of files to backup:

    **when restoring, copy the file over and set permissions to 775**

    saved games/ Application Data
    /private/var/mobile/Applications/big long number/Documents
    Most of the time your data is in here, just one file. A .db (database) file or sometimes a file called "save"

    if you have any themes, for winterboard

    default Apps: (youtube, call history, webclips etc)
    /var/mobile/Library/ here too?
    relatively small directory, mine is 20mb

    NES Roms (if you have em):

    Cydia Apps

    Also, do any of your cydia applications dL things themselves? like dTunes or mxTube? if so you'll want to backup those files as well

    If I were you, I'd back up everything just in case. Then worry about finding the files you need when it comes time to restore, if you need to. (apparently Itunes backs up these files..but doesnt work a lot of the time for me so that's why I looked into this).

    Just make sure to skip your music directories: /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music and /var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/Music/
    you can skip your photos as well if you want: /var/mobile/Media/Photos and /private/var/mobile/Media/Photos

    this post was helpful as well:
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