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    Does anyone know what that blue phone icon with two dots is? It's not the TTY icon, that looks a bit different (TTY is a downward facing receiver with two rows of 7 dots).

    What icon is this?-screen-shot-2012-05-28-1.37.27-am.png

    What icon is this?-screen-shot-2012-05-28-1.44.43-am.png

    You can see in the second image all the Cydia tweaks I have. It doesn't appear to be any of them, and I'd rather not completely uninstall all of them trying to figure it out.

    Oh! Got it... it was IntelliScreenX. Under "Status Bar Icons" There are options for "Missed Calls" which that is as well as Unread SMS and Unread Mail. Phew! Now I know!
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    2012-05-28 07:53 AM
  2. vempire's Avatar
    What is that, sorry I don't know, it never appeared on my phone.
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    2012-05-28 09:05 AM
  3. gotzaiPhone's Avatar
    It's ISX telling you that you have a missed call. It'll clear up once you look at the recents tab in the phone app.
    2012-05-28 02:56 PM