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    I am having an issue with no Internet though there is connection between my AT&T iPhone 4s and New iPad (Verizon 4g). I turn on MyWi v.5.5 on the iPhone 4s and it shows untethered wifi hotspot is 'On', Security: None. Though, I don't know if the 2 chain-links locked together, that shows that it is connected, is suppose to be shown on the iPhone instead of the label '4g' on top left corner of iPhone.
    On my new iPad, I turn off 'Cellular Data' and WiFi sees my iPhone 4s and connects to it as it shows the 2 chain-links locked together on the top left corner of iPad.
    I open up Safari and go to a web page or several different web pages and it never connects to Internet. After a while, it says that it cannot connect to the Internet.
    I have tried different combinations, like, turning on bluetooth on both devices and they get connected, connect to AdHoc, turn on 'MyWi on Demand', 'Wifi Sharing' and so on but no connection to the Internet. I have also rebooted, re-installed the MyWi app, etc.
    Any ideas that someone might have that might be wrong?

    Thank you very much--Oortism

    Sorry, I forgot to add, I used Absinthe 2.0 to Jailbreak my iPhone 4s.
    Thank u very much--Oortism
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