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    Hi All,
    I'm a new chap here and JUST discovering the joys of 'Jailbreaking' Yhis post might not be in the correct forum, IF so Sorry.

    I have a Iphone 3gs, Modem firmware 05.12.01 It also says Version 5.0.1 (9A405) thi8s means nothing to me.

    However, I has my phone jailbroken it cost me 25.00 and cydia was installed,
    I found out how to install cydia apps (No problem) and some additional sources, such as 'Sinful Iphone' Hackulo.us, Big boss and some others.

    My PROBLEM is with **********, I downloaded 'TOMTOM (UK) and that seems to work ok, BUT 'NIGHTSTAND' [email protected] Asks me to 'SEND IPA' I have done this BUT it just keeps on '[email protected] it's been searching for about 24 hours !!!!
    I have in '**********' settings Install automatically TURNED ON,
    Delete Aotomatically TURNED OFF
    Local sharing TURNED ON
    Remove Metadata TURNED OFF

    I notice that there is also 'Username and Password, This is showing 'apptrackr Username so is Password.

    Local notifications are TURNED ON

    SO, My question is-- Whats wrong, Do I need to put in a username and password? IF so do they need to be the same as the on I registered with 'Sinfuliphone' site? or Itunes, OR WHAT???

    As you can see I an very new to all this, and I assume someone on this site knows exactly what my problem is.

    Anyone that can give me ANY advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    AND ANY other suggestions would be of help.

    For your further reference I have installed 'APPLIST' APPSYNC for IOS 5.0+ '********* Resourses' ********** 5' 'Sinful iphone reproPrep' 'Source GUI' From 'Hackulo.us' 'Mobile substrate' and 'ULTRASNOW' (I assume that is what was used to 'Jailbreak' my phone.

    2012-06-10 04:46 PM
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    Sorry, we can't help you with piracy stuff here
    If my post was good, click the button in my post

    New to jailbreaking? Have a look at my Redsn0w Guide
    2012-06-10 05:39 PM
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    We cannot help with anything warez related on MMI. Please read forum rules.
    Thread closed
    2012-06-10 05:40 PM