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    I want to enable wifi when I plug my iPhone in and disable it when I unplug it. My iPhone is jailbroken and I have activator installed but the only option I see in activator is toggle wifi. This is worse than useless because I turn wifi on all the time manually without plugging in my iPhone, say at Starbucks. If I have toggle wifi enabled when I plug in my iphone, if I manually turned on wifi earlier, it will turn Wifi off when I need it to be on. So I don't want toggle. I want separate on and off options.

    Is there any activator add on that allows for this? Or is there some other means to automatically turn on wifi when my iPhone is plugged in and charging? And then turn it off when I unplug it?
    2012-06-16 10:00 PM
  2. Inni's Avatar
    I'm not sure if that exists at this time. The closest You can get, if I understand your question correctly, is:

    Settings>Activator>Anywhere>Scroll Down to the "Power" section>"Connected">Scroll Down to "Wi-Fi" in the "Settings" section.

    Then do the same thing for the "Unconnected" section.

    It's not automatic, but it'll pop up all the time reminding you to turn wifi "on" and "off" every time you plug/unplug your device.

    Hope this helps for now.
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    2012-06-17 05:36 AM
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    Sorry, but no. Not helpful. I know you are trying to help and I appreciate the effort, but that's exactly what I did and it is as I said worse than useless because when I have those settings activated I don't know when my iPhone's wifi is on or off. I don't always look at my phone when I unplug it. The result is that I inevitably have to turn the wifi on or off manually EVEN MORE often than I have to without the activator settings.

    Frankly I don't understand how anyone thought the toggle would be useful. Does ANYONE use that toggle in conjunction with the connected/unconnected action? I doubt it. Millions of jailbroken iPhones and zero probably have those settings activated as you described.

    Worse than useless.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my question though.
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    2012-06-18 03:43 AM
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    Sorry it didn't help. Doing research (looking through all Cydia tweaks and google search) it appears that it just isn't possible right now. I'm sure a dev will come up with it now that someone has a need for it.

    Maybe search out for some devs and make a request. Sorry it didn't help
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    2012-06-18 04:30 AM