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    Hey all...not sure if I've asked this before... Every once in a while I'll notice battery draining faster than normal. I'll go into SBS process toggle and see the mail app running and I hadn't run the mail app. It's set as manual, and I've also noticed even after a restore and setup as new phone, with no account even setup, that it will appear running again. I've noticed this ever since I've had iphone(4.2.1). Anyone know why this is and how to fix?

    Never mind...I think I may have figured it out...I think u go into settings-mail contacts calendar-fetch new data-fetch-scroll down to advanced-go into the mail account and select manual...I think this will cure that issue..I'll run for few days and see...
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    2012-06-19 01:59 PM
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    I thought that had to do something with the push notifactions that's why it runs. Ya seem to stop it from running? I like to do this the same if it works.
    2012-06-19 02:27 PM
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    Well, I don't have push running, never did... Yet the mail app process still was showing at will, even though actual app was not open...always just killed it in SBS...will be checking frequently to see if it still does it..will let u know..
    2012-06-19 05:17 PM
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    Mail always runs, regardless of your settings, to the best of my knowledge. Just like the phone. The only way I could ever get Mail to not run automatically was by using Backgrounder, which I haven't used since iOS 4...
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    2012-06-19 09:04 PM
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    No it doesn't...anyway, it's still doing it...
    2012-06-19 11:08 PM
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    No it doesn't...anyway, it's still doing it...
    If you're so sure of yourself then why'd you ask the question?

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    2012-06-19 11:54 PM
  7. Scoops98's Avatar
    No it doesn't...anyway, it's still doing it...
    I stand corrected. I turned off Push and Mail stays disabled.
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    2012-06-20 12:57 AM
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    I noticed this some time ago, as xboxbml, I tried to end or disable the process from running but was unsuccessful. Couldn't find a way to do it; same for FaceTime
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    2012-06-20 01:00 AM
  9. EVO's Avatar
    as mentioned previously, the mail app process is not meant to be stopped, this is similar to some system processes on your computer that requires to be run at all times
    2012-06-20 01:42 AM
  10. xboxbml's Avatar
    I agree if u have push on...I never do. I have mail now totally and completely manual. It pretty much has always been just fine. It's just once in a while it decides to fire itself and eat battery...

    I go into SBS processes when I notice battery draining. If I see it I hit the - and delete it. It kills just fine...
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    2012-06-20 02:43 AM
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    Ok, I have now at least correlated and can repeat the issue at will.... When I fire off the App Store app it fires the mail process! I do not believe this should be happening. As I stated, I've noticed this since i've been on iphone at 4.2.1.
    2012-07-25 01:34 PM
  12. H4CK3R's Avatar
    I managed to kill off the Mail process for a while, but then it comes back. I can't remember if it worked on 4.3.3 (that was such a long time ago)

    I remember once, I was able to halt the mail process for about 10 minutes, but later on it ended up showing up again. I hate the battery drain it causes though.
    2012-07-25 04:45 PM
  13. xboxbml's Avatar
    Well, like I said...I am completely Push free on this phone and mail process or app never runs unless I fire it myself...but I can make just mail process fire itself by firing App Store app....it will also fire itself for no apparent reason...but not often...but when it does, yeah...batt drain
    2012-07-25 09:35 PM
  14. H4CK3R's Avatar
    I think it fires itself when the App Store opens because it seems the App Store is kinda slow at times. But I could be wrong, that's just my guess.
    2012-07-25 10:32 PM
  15. xboxbml's Avatar
    Na...I don't think app store response has anything to do with it...I think it's a bug...one that's been around for a long time and unless u JB, you may not even know about it running, unless u load sys activity monitor from the app store...maybe I'll submit a bug report through apple...
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    2012-07-26 12:54 PM
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    its not a bug. IOS uses mail.app to run several processes. Some tweaks use that too. For example the Intelliscreen tweak uses that app to run its executables within the mail sandbox. There was some tweaks to kill mail.app directly, but phone fires it up too. Even without push you will see it starting by itself. You could use the script described here:

    2012-07-26 04:05 PM
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