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  1. AsteroidEarth's Avatar
    Has anyone else noticed that the white dots that appeared on the 7 series phones have gone away after the update?
    2007-10-03 11:04 PM
  2. aziatiklover's Avatar
    where do u see a white dots at?
     Think Different
    2007-10-03 11:59 PM
  3. Jimbo's Avatar
    Better question is what is a 7 series phone?
    2007-10-04 12:21 AM
  4. pmas's Avatar
    The 7 series touch screen. Some of them were defective. Supposedly a brightness issue.
    2007-10-04 12:24 AM
  5. JedixJarf's Avatar
    Sorry, No fix for me.
    2007-10-04 01:04 AM
  6. garrettcumber's Avatar
    i have a 7 series that has these white specks all over the screen. they seem to have gotten worse and worse they arent terribly noticeable but seeing as though i paid 400+ USD for the phone itd be nice for them to go away and leave me alone. any fixes? thoughts?

    at first i thought it was the LCD going to hell... now i cant tell if its dust or the afore mentioned...
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    2007-12-22 05:09 AM