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    shortly after restoring, jailbreaking and restoring from an itunes back up my iphone 4 32gig locked on att for now is reporting via icloud and itunes that the photo library is double its size, ive tryed deleteing the filese in photodata to rebuild the library, ive tryed deleting all the files in DCIM respringing and transfering them all back after icloud and itunes reported i had no photos.... im officially stumped

    anyone want to take a crack at this or point me in a direction i clearly have missed

    thanks in advanced

    progress: backedup camera roll to computer deleted again from iphone 4, itunes shows 0 photos but icloud is still showing 3.3gigs in camera roll
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    2012-06-21 05:04 PM
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    Hi, I have an iPhone 4 on AT&T with same scenario. By chance do you have photos+ installed?

    Btw I restored from an iCloud backup.
    2012-07-13 02:20 PM