1. trigun989's Avatar
    so not sure if its the apps im using or its because im hactivated. but i dont get push for any my 2 apps (textme and facebook). i get push with sms, phone and mail.

    not sure if the app is unsupported/broken for push or my app is not working properly.


    this is mainly for a sms app that i want to use to chat with someone in the usa.

    was using textme.

    anyone know of a wifi sms app. that does have proper working push? or a way to make it work?
    2012-07-01 12:26 AM
  2. Reeiiko's Avatar
    I've had this problem before on my iPhone 3G (with a different app). I contacted the app's developers and they recommended reinstalling. I also recently got a 4S and the problem hasn't reappeared.
    2012-07-01 03:30 AM