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    Ok so i discovered a really cool python sabnzbd port that runs directly on the iPad/iPhone and its great SABnzbd Forums • View topic - iSABnzbd (SABnzbd on Jailbroken IOS device)

    I use it to download movies straight on to the iPad mainly and 99.9% of the time there in MKV format! Thing is MKV is crap and doesn't play on Anything really lol, unless you use a 3rd party app and usually the performance is terrible!

    So i would like a "Post Process" Bash script that i can point my movie downloads to run after its downloaded and unpacked an mkv movie! I want it to use ffmpeg from cydia (As this is the only conversion library on ios) to just remux/change the container from MKV to MP4 without touching the audio, i assume the audio doesn't need touching!? Most movies are in h/x.264 so i would like to keep it like that and just change the container!

    So i need a bash script that sabnzbd can run and along these lines...

    1) change *.mkv to input.mkv
    2) move input.mkv to where ever ffpmeg needs it (If it needs to be in a specific location)
    3) change container from mkv to mp4 leaving audio alone (Passthrough)
    4) change input.mkv back to original movie filename (Either from .nzb file or ideally from containing folder name)

    I have posed this request here at ModMyi as i thought this is where it would attract the attention of the more knowledgable types :-) Is there any very smart people here? Please help me with a simple script :-p
    2012-07-14 09:10 PM