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    Ok my issue is that my phone has started randomly freezing and when having to do a hard reboot it gets stuck on the apple logo. I've had to restore my phone 7 times in the past 2 days because afterwards i go on to rejailbreak it again (didn't mention it was jailbroken) and download all the tweaks i had before. I've had this phone for at least a month now and its been jailbroken and haven't given me any problems but just this past friday (7/13/12) the developer of bitesms released an update for it and i updated it. Thats where my troubles began. Phone was running smoothly until i got a picture message and tried to respond to it and boom the phone froze. Restored after the apple logo issue then rejailbroke and put all the tweaks including bitesms and then a different pic message came through and the same thing happened. Third time i restored and didnt put bitesms on it and it froze when i was opening my phone app. Fourth time was when i was moving apps around. Fifth and sixth time i don't remember and 7 time was when i was moving apps into a folder. Keep in mind i've rejailbroken my phone after every time i've restored. The first 4 times i restored from my backup in itunes but the last 3 i restored from scratch to see if it would stop it. Please somebody help.

    Some key facts about my phone if that will help:
    •5.1.1 (208)
    •originally 5.1.1 (206)
    •was working fine until downloaded update for bitesms Friday
    •1st time freezing was when a picture message came through and I tried to respond
    •2nd time was when a second pic message came through and tried to respond to that
    •3rd time was when I opened up the phone app
    •4th time was while moving icons around
    •5th time ???
    •6th time ???
    •7th time was while moving icons into folders
    •restored phone 7 times
    •the first 4 times were from backup saved
    •the last 3 were from scratch
    •the tweaks installed:
    -calltell for 3GS and i4
    -clear icons
    -dashboard x
    -iap cracker
    -********** 5 (and everything that comes with it)
    -navigate from maps
    -quicknote for notification center
    -shaketoundo killer
    -springtomize 2 5.0+
    -statusgoogle for notification center
    -zeppelin super set
    2012-07-16 12:37 AM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    First, may I humbly suggest not pirating apps? Those who steal others' creations will find no haven here.

    Second, may I humbly suggest if removing BiteSMS and the war3z applications solves your problem?
    2012-07-16 01:42 AM