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    Do this. DON'T RESTORE YOUR IPHONE. I understand your situation, having data that has an extremely personal value to it erase so I really mean it when I say I want to help you out. This is what I would do. Get another iPhone and restore it to the backup on your computer, I'm almost certain iTunes already backed up your voicemail. If the restore on the second I device is successful then you won't need to worry about accidentally restoring your first iPhone. Ask a friend or family member for their I device and see if the restore will give it your backuped data
    2012-07-23 04:13 PM
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    Okay I only read your original post and I am pregnant right now so my hormones are out of control and i just started bawling. I really hope the awesome people on here were able to help you.
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    2012-07-23 04:21 PM
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