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    I backed up my SMS folder before updating and rejailbreaking my iPhone 4s on 5.1.1

    I went to restore my SMS folder, via SSH, and everything worked fine at first, aside from one issue. I cannot receive or send pictures. So I edited the permisions as per some different guides online, and now the SMS app itself crashes. Is there a way to restore the SMS.DB from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1? Or am I screwed? I can't get this to work no matter what I try. I am hoping someone here can please help me.


    I simply decided to restore my phone and re-jailbreak and lose the SMS conversation history. I don't know what the solution is to get this to work, but I am done messing with it. I am on to a new issue now. Trying to figure out how to arranges apps, without iTunes, or doing it manually on the phone itself.

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    if you want to give it another go (if you havent already done this), since you already restored and have the default SMS.db file, have you already sent any new SMS messages?

    if you havent, send a test message to yourself, then go back and replace the default SMS.db with the backed up SMS.db file, then do a reboot

    then try sending a text message to someone again

    have you already performed this action?
    2012-08-07 10:06 AM