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    Hi, I was was trying to add custom battery theme to my iphone using customize, my battery icon disappeared and is know where to be find on customize. I don't know what I did. Can someone please upload all there files from: "/System/Library/CoreServices/Sringboard.app/"

    I think I might have deleted something crucial here while trying to input in battery themes. If not any other suggestions???? So I just want a copy of all the files in this folder so I can put it back on my phone via cyberduck. Can anybody please upload and send me these files? thanks very much.

    I'm running Firmwat 1.1.4 on a modded version of customize
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    2008-03-23 03:39 AM
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    you won't be able to ssh ALL the files from there I don't think because the iphone/ipod might be using them. No harm trying though. I am in the same boat as you I'm afraid, except that I'm on 2.0 which conveniently changes the name of the battery-charge-stage icons. I have no idea what to do but I think nothing short of a restore will fix it
    So let me know if you find a way to fix this! Also, this might be of use to you but maybe not..

    iClarified - iPhone - How to Make iPhone PNGs Viewable and Editable
    2008-07-25 09:35 PM