1. Ldz's Avatar
    So I jailbroke my iphone and installed the Suave theme. I figured out how to use ssh to manually change all of the icons that the theme did not include. However every time an update comes out for these apps, I have to go back and change the icon again. I know that the main apps always change back to the suave icon automatically. Is there any way to set this up for all of my other apps as well?
    2012-08-07 07:28 PM
  2. Bwfcrus's Avatar
    Themeiconmaker from cydia. 1 click and done
    2012-08-08 12:39 AM
  3. ericsadoodoo2's Avatar
    Just Copy the theme folder in cydia rename it and switch off the original theme in winterboard and activate it
    2012-08-09 03:01 AM