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    Is there some way to tell (other than the obvious of putting in another sim card) to see if an iPhone has been unlocked in such a way that it will brick when 1.1.1 is installed? Just looking for an indicator to show that a phone should not be upgraded. And I am a little old school I guess, I notice people use the word "Brick" too loosly, is it a full brick (Meaning no hope for a recovery through an interface to a computer) or does it just make it so you can not make phone calls on any carrier?
    2007-10-04 02:29 AM
  2. Murfunit's Avatar
    Sorry if I'm sounding pedantic. I've just read and replied to so many posts similar to this that I'm getting weary. If you already know all this, just ignore me and move on...

    You need to define what you mean by UNLOCKED

    Too many people interchange UNLOCK and JAILBREAK or activate.

    If your phone was unlocked to use a SIM other than an AT&T SIM by any (software) means other than the IPSF method, you can consider it a brick. That's it, That's all. Until the Dev team works their magic. One would assume that you'd know if you used such a process?

    ibrickr, Apptapp, iNdependance and iActivate type apps do not UNLOCK. They JAILBREAK and activate. bing fully reversible they should not 'brick' your phone.

    By a brick I mean a phone that, does not make outgoing calls, can not use EDGE and can not send SMS. I you do not restore back to 1.0.2 it will not even get past the Activate screen
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    2007-10-04 02:42 AM
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    if i'm using orig. at&t sim, i can assume i'm not unlocked, yes?
    2007-10-04 02:55 AM
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    You would have had to run an unlock software to unlock the iPhone.

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    2007-10-04 02:59 AM
  5. pjaicher's Avatar
    No, you can't assume that it is not unlocked. If you ran a program that Unlocked the phone (Making it able to use other sim cards) then even though you are using the orig AT&T sim card, your phone would still be "Unlocked". This is the situation I am trying to find a way to detect so to speak.
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    2007-10-04 03:01 AM