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    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place with this thread, but here it goes. I've had my iphone now for about 3 weeks and love it. Unfortunately, I've been experiencing an issue the last two days with sync to 7.4.1. I'm on a windows PC and originally loaded iTunes 7.3.2 when I first puchased my phone, which worked just fine. Now that I've loaded 7.4.1 (two days ago), I can no longer sync with contacts or calender from MS Outlook. The only options I get are Windows address book, and Yahoo address book. In 7.3.2, Outlook was the third option.

    I've searched a few "help" and "FAQ" items and they all say Outlook sync should be an option still.

    Has anyone else experienced this, or know what the cause could be??? I've searched high and low and I'm drawing a big blank!

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    2007-10-04 04:03 AM
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    why dont you just run the newer itunes? and yes. you are one of the few people that managed to post in the correct place
    2007-10-05 07:03 AM
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    I noticed that I didn't get many responses on this so I kept digging. After days of searching, here's the link that I found which shows the way to correct this issue:


    I believe that iTunes 7.3.2 was the last version which was compatible with Outlook 2002 (on Windows XP). I'm still running XP (and so are many others) and loaded 7.4.1, which is when my problem started. Once I copied the correct file from 7.3.2 (CProgram Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\SyncServices\Clients\com.apple.Outlook\Con tents\Windows\com.apple.Outlook), then loaded 7.4.3 and pasted this into the same directory in 7.4.3 my problem was solved! (By the way, I had to delete the com.apple.outlook file which is already in 7.4.3 after reloading it, then replace it with the one from 7.3.2)

    Worked like a charm for me! I'm now running iTunes 7.4.3 with Outlook 2002 contacts and calender sync on my iPhone with version 1.0.2!

    Sorry if this has already been a big discussion in this forum, but I was just excited that I found it and hoped to maybe help others.

    Any questions...just post them and I'll get back to you asap
    2007-10-10 01:32 AM