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    I just updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1.1 and re-jailbroke it. I mostly like the new features, re-installed most of my old tweaks and stuff, but there are some things I've been missing even since I was using 4.2.1. I'm using a (personally) modded version of the SE7EN theme, if that helps. I'm looking for:


    -A tweak that adds more "dots" in the calendar app, so that it has as many dots as events that day. So that it looks like this.Looking for apps/tweaks and issue resolutions-img_0013.jpg

    -This keyboard (and theme) (it does look like SE7EN, but it isn't the one I have):
    Looking for apps/tweaks and issue resolutions-1419139.jpg

    -A theme for TimeBar. I'd make one myself if I knew how.

    -SHUFFLE BY ALBUM! I use regular a good deal, but I'm a very album oriented person, so I really wish there was this option on the Music app. I know there are App Store apps that do that, but I usually listen to shuffle in my car, and it has a iPod/iPhone input, so it only works with the actual Music app.

    -An app or tweak that makes higher rating songs more likely to play in shuffle (all).

    -Is there a way to show more calendar entries in the Notification center? Like from about a week or two time span, as opposed to just the next day.


    -When I plug my iPhone to my PC and fire up iTunes. It'll recognize my device alright, but when I look at its music, the artwork won't show up on iTunes, even if it does on the device. It's not much, just a minor annoyance.

    -When I have SE7EN on, in the Now Playing part of the Music app, the progress bar is always showing, and since it's solid, it covers up the album art like so. Usually (without any theme on) if I tap the art, I can toggle the progress bar on or off. But with SE7EN on, it's always stuck on.
    Looking for apps/tweaks and issue resolutions-img_0011.png

    MAJOR thanks in advance!
    2012-08-29 01:13 AM
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    2012-09-22 05:41 PM