1. russoeternal's Avatar
    I've got this iPhone 2G and i'd like to install Facebook's app, Instagram and Whatsapp, but facebook won't let me install because it asks for firmware 4 or above.

    Is there any link to a working facebook app for old iphones? and of course, Instagram and Whatsapp.

    If there's a thread with this theme, please link me to it cause i tried search button with no luck.
    2012-08-30 07:36 AM
  2. XxXKINGMAKXxX's Avatar
    Whatsapp will work, i have it working on my iphone 2g with whited00r os 5.2.1

    about instagram, well you should be going for the older versions,
    The best working facebook app for iphone 2g on ios 3.1.3 is 3.3.0, you could also try 4.0 but not any higher than 4, because they are not designed for ios 3, as we all know that apple as well as other companies have dropped support for ios 3.x
    2012-08-30 08:32 AM
  3. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Think the problem being how does he install the old versions unless he has them on his iTunes. The AppStore only carries the latest version. There are ways round this but it involves what is essentially piracy even if they're free apps
    2012-08-30 09:03 AM