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    Hello everyone at MMI forums.
    I have a question about microwaves and iPads and if they can somehow be in sync.
    What I am thinking is like let's say you take a picture of something small like a bunny or a Miley Cyrus voodoo doll, it will instantly appear the microwave closest to my iPad.
    So it's kind a like teleportation, but it only teleports stuff you take pictures of to a microwave.
    And then you can set the timer or push the popcorn or potato button from the iPad.
    I'm sure this is possible. I'm just not sure if anyone's up to developing an app like this. I'm no developer but I'm sure that anyone could do this by themselves if they knew how to code. I'm beginning to learn HTML so I'm sure I could make this myself in a couple of days, but I have a lot of Spanish homework so I just rather leave it to you guys. Who knows, I might even be generous enough to leave a nice review in the app store and maybe even on this forum if you make the app quickly enough.
    If anyone does make an app like this, I'll need them to pay me half of the income because I thought of the idea. Comment with any suggestions and/ or if you're willing to develop this for me.

    Thank you for your time all of you guys are amazing.
    2012-09-05 03:53 AM
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    2012-09-05 08:08 AM
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    omg...what the heck r u talking about?... This isn't star trek... I don't think anyone has invented this yet...maybe I misunderstood... R u talking about controlling a microwave oven from your iPad?
    2012-09-05 10:54 PM
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    Sorry but teleportation isn't really possible yet...are you talking about controlling the microwave from te iPad?
    Because as of now, teleportation is not possible. And the thing you were explaining about taking pictures and it teleports, would take years and years and years to develop even the notion of that being possible, not to mention teleportation itself...
    Also, controlling the microwave with an iPad would require the microwave to be compatable with it, so unless someone develops an iMicrowave, you're outta luck. Sorry
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    2012-09-06 12:40 AM
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    Hey thanks evo sorry won't happen again this was suppose to go to chit-chat except I favorited the forums I talk in the most and I don't know what category they are in that's why this is all I see:

    It would be like this kind of
    Attached Thumbnails Question about microwave-imageuploadedbymodmyi1346885445.815611.jpg   Question about microwave-imageuploadedbymodmyi1346885764.082553.jpg  
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    2012-09-06 12:50 AM
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    Iv no idea what you're talking about but it made me laugh anyway. Esp the parts about payment and Spanish homework
    2012-09-09 07:32 AM