1. Dizzy714's Avatar
    Does it have anything to do with the PhotosAux.sqlite file that's in Media/PhotoData? Because it wouldn't make any sense to me if it is after what I came across today. I've restored my phone atleast 50 times/gotten replacement phones atleast 10 times since my last PhotosAux.sqlite file that I've kept, and every time I do a restore/replacement phone restore I don't back up my phone in iTunes - I just drag my camera roll out manually an slap it back in the phone manually after a fresh restore, but also drop that PhotosAux.sqlite file in with it. Well that file is years old, and I have location tags in pictures all the way up to today and a year ago etc etc. So that's telling me that they're embedded within the pictures themselves and the GPS coordinates and such isn't sent off and saved into a separate file. Is this correct?
    2012-09-10 01:56 AM
  2. jigarjadav's Avatar
    It is embedded into the property of the picture alongwith date, time, resolution, make, model, OS any many other things. In windows you can see it in property pan.
    2012-09-10 05:51 AM