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    Hey Guys,

    I have a little bit of a problem with the log in for wifi on the iPhone. I am in student accommodation with Ask4 internet and am trying to connect my iPhone to it. However it's failing miserably and the tech support don't have any idea what I'm on about.

    My iPhone, upon connecting successfully takes me to the following page to login: http://signup.ask4.com/index.html and this returns a "not found" - then the iPhone disconnects. I need to access http://signup.ask4.com which will allow me to login and access the net. I have tried connecting and then going into Safari, and going to the URL but it tells me it isn't connected (it doesn't seem to stay connected when I close the login?)

    Is there anything at all I can do to get around this restriction? Why does the iPhone disconnect from my wifi when login is unsuccessful??

    2012-09-26 03:02 PM