1. disneyfun1's Avatar
    I just ordered us 3 iPhone 5's today from ATT. They said they should ship in about 7 days. How do i activate and transfer all the stuff from the iphone 4 to the new ones? I do have one icloud account on all 3 phones, only because we can use the find my phone under one login for the family. everything is backed up in itunes from time to time when it syncs. Do i just get the new one plug it in and it will activate and transfer all the stuff over, or do i need to do something to have it all transfer over? What is the best way to do this. We each have our own computers it is backed up to, so no one is sharing. Will it transfer over pics and contacts, etc? thank you
    2012-09-29 03:35 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Yes sir, just sync everything back in iTunes, no worries.
    2012-09-29 03:44 AM