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    So my new iPhone is not getting the DL speeds it was a few days ago, on lte or wifi. My home wifi I test on my computer I get 22 mbps dl. When I test on iPhone I'm only getting 4-5 mbps.
    I tested my AT&T lte a few days ago and it was a whopping 49.6 mbps, now I'm going getting 4-5. I have a Verizon hotspot that I usually get 10-20 mbps and again, only 4-5 on my phone.
    Actually I'm testing my iPad out on my home wifi as well as Verizon hotspot and only getting around 5mpbs on that as well

    Not sure what's going on, I tried resetting network settings and that didn't help. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

    Btw, my iPad is JB running 5.1.1 so I don't think this is an iOS 6 thing
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    2012-10-03 03:36 PM
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    Uhh are we talking about ur iPhone as stated in topic or ur iPad u keep going back and forth so I have no idea which u need help with
    2012-10-04 12:09 AM
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    Well I started talking about my phone and while I was posting I tested the ioad and it had the same issue.
    I have figured it out though. Thanks
    2012-10-04 12:14 AM