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    Hey guyz
    Ever worried that you had accidentaly deleted any of your Imessage attachements ( Photos , voice memos etc ). Dont worry, I just happened to find Apple retains all the attachements you might have received though you had them deleted from your Messaging app. Good part about recovering those attachements is, you dont have to jaibreak your phone. I have listed down the steps below to get the attachments

    Step 1: Download ifunbox tool from Internet. Its a free file browsing and IOS managing tool wihich comes with no cost and no Junks. Its clean and trusted

    Step 2: Open the tool with your IPhone or Ipod connected. You will see the file system listed on the left hand panel once the tool detects your device

    Step 3: Select the raw file system option in the menu and navigate to this folder structure

    There you go you will see some random generated folders with long strings. each folder has the pictures or content you might have received via imessages or messages. just copy all the folder to your desktop and search for a random filetype like jpg or bmp

    Enjoy and leave a comment if you need any help
    2012-10-19 03:06 PM