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    my 3g keeps getting very hot, enough to throw the temp triangle on the cell, it also drains the full batt charge, and loses the cells network. I cool it down, but gets very very hot, just on the restart, with low batt and no network. It does that for an hour or so, but then is fine for the next day or so, then it does it agian. any ideas? And its not jailbroke or unlocked, thanks alot.

    Could it be a batt problem? when the cell works though, it works fine, and the batt takes a long time to drain.Just when it gets hot, it drains the batt almost down to nothing
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    2012-10-30 05:24 AM
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    2012-11-03 04:54 AM
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    We apologize if you haven't been assisted.

    My guess is as good as yours. It could be the battery or it could be some other hardware component that may be causing the battery to drain very quickly.

    If you have an older 3GS, then it may be the caused as electrical components do wear out over time

    The best thing I can offer is to maybe take it to a local repair shop and see if they can swap it out with a new battery and get it tested
    2012-11-03 10:39 AM